Hi I'm Dave Baron

Welcome to my About Page. Here I try and share some of the things you need to master while becoming an effective online marketer (without sacrificing your soul and every working hour in the process).

Time is precious and finite. I work for the freedom this lifestyle brings, and try to give priority to my family time . Focusing solely on making money at any cost is short-sighted and usually self defeating.

I Can Deal With the Heat:

Ice-cream when its hot. (Not part of my fitness regime).

Travelling with my Wife: 

Picture of Julie and me boarding Britannia in the days when it was still OK to go on cruise ships. 

At the End of the Day:

I told you I made time for Relaxation

The Rough & The Smooth 

No instant success for me. I would love to say this came naturally to me but the truth is that it's been a long and bumpy road.

I was born in Farnham, Surrey UK and spent my early years in nearby Cobham. In my teens I studied Electronics & Computing, then spent several years in Computer Commissioning for GEC Elliott Marconi, Borehamwood. Later I travelled where the work was and soon notched up an impressive CV working for companies such as IBM, AST Computers and Ernst & Young. But I needed more...

I setup my own company 'Baronet Computer Services Ltd' providing 'Novell' enterprise computer networking services to blue chip companies . This provided good income when I was working but the times between contracts were often long and financially difficult. This was not a good solution to escape the 9 to 5 rat-race and not the answer to my dreams.

I had thrown myself into work after the loss of my first wife and it was inevitable that the crunch had to come. I reached a stage of total burnout. I could work no more and spent half my time at the psych clinic and half my time in the dole queue trying to get welfare. I had really hit rock bottom and didn't know where my next rent payment was coming from.

As I recovered I started to work from home refocusing on the internet and affiliate marketing and like everybody else, bought every shiny object from every dodgy marketer out there. To be honest some of those marketers were probably the genuine article but I didn't have the experience to recognize it was my own misguided expectations that caused me to give up on their products too early.

Eventually I began to have some success with the help of a number of mentors who I trusted to deliver and I launched my first product "Media Buying Mastery' on JVzoo. This also boosted my affiliate marketing as it produced a fruitful buyer list.

By now I had the joy of marrying once again. You can see the the picture of Julie and me boarding Britannia in the days when it was still OK to go on cruise ships. (last covid reference, I promise). I also was back in regular contact with my daughter Danielle from my first marriage at long last.

So as the pendulum of fortune swings around again, I believe it is my turn to give back to those seeking assistance.

Why Listen to Me 

I have enough experience in this game to know that I can bring value to the table. I know enough to put my clients and students first and I consider myself responsible for they progress and their success.

I have no interest in putting up pictures of my $ Income Checks and the like. Rather I would illustrate the remarks of happy customers to my last product launch 'Media Buying Mastery '.

Success Starts with Giving

You Can Have Everything in Life you Want, If You Just Help Enough People Get What They Want...  - Zig Ziggler

I now try to live by that quote and am dedicating my site to helping other online marketers / entrepreneurs like yourself by providing you with Value.   My site is filled with many PREMIUM Products I use to help me in my own business, and I will be giving these away Free to you, Just for stopping by... 🙂

Thanks for visiting, I hope you are able to find great Value on my site, and that you will be encouraged to know, like and trust me, so we may continue to do business in the future.

I wish you the best...

Dave Baron

Email: [email protected]
Skype Link: digidave41

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